Easy Gluten-Free Communion Bread From Gluten-Free Vegan Quick Bread Base

When I first started considering baking gluten-free bread I researched what others had already done, and found very limited resources. One refreshing post I did find was this one from the Windy City Cooking blog. I loved that she shared her heart and passion and her story about attempting to safely participate in communion at her church. I also love that she shares what has worked for her and her congregation.

Oh, and I loved that the recipe she shares is one I am familiar with, as I follow that particular food blogger, Brittany at Real Sustenance, and make her recipes all the time! And, the recipe is adapted from the Easy Gluten Free/Vegan Quick Bread Base with Endless Flavor Possibilities recipe which is my 8-year-old daughter’s favorite thing for me to break (we just call it “pear bread” though as we began by making it with pears).

I have made this recipe many time, with many different gluten-free flour blends and it has always turned out. The taste and texture will vary by what flours, fruit(s) and milk you use (I highly recommend coconut milk from a can). At times it can be crumbly though and if I didn’t have testimony saying it worked well as a communion bread I would suspect many variations would be too crumbly for easy distribution. With a small group versus a large congregation this would be less of an issue however. I also think this quick bread does best baked in smaller loaves. I use my pampered chef 4 loaf stoneware that bakes 4 small loaves at one time. I also line the pans with parchment paper.

If I ever use this recipe as communion bread, I will let you know what specific variation I used, and I would love to hear from you if you use this recipe as well!


Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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