Easy Gluten-Free Communion Bread From Gluten-Free Vegan Quick Bread Base

When I first started considering baking gluten-free bread I researched what others had already done, and found very limited resources. One refreshing post I did find was this one from the Windy City Cooking blog. I loved that she shared her heart and passion and her story about attempting to safely participate in communion at her church. I also love that she shares what has worked for her and her congregation.

Oh, and I loved that the recipe she shares is one I am familiar with, as I follow that particular food blogger, Brittany at Real Sustenance, and make her recipes all the time! And, the recipe is adapted from the Easy Gluten Free/Vegan Quick Bread Base with Endless Flavor Possibilities recipe which is my 8-year-old daughter’s favorite thing for me to break (we just call it “pear bread” though as we began by making it with pears).

I have made this recipe many time, with many different gluten-free flour blends and it has always turned out. The taste and texture will vary by what flours, fruit(s) and milk you use (I highly recommend coconut milk from a can). At times it can be crumbly though and if I didn’t have testimony saying it worked well as a communion bread I would suspect many variations would be too crumbly for easy distribution. With a small group versus a large congregation this would be less of an issue however. I also think this quick bread does best baked in smaller loaves. I use my pampered chef 4 loaf stoneware that bakes 4 small loaves at one time. I also line the pans with parchment paper.

If I ever use this recipe as communion bread, I will let you know what specific variation I used, and I would love to hear from you if you use this recipe as well!


It is Time … Gluten-Free Allergen-Friendly Communion Bread


It’s time for me to start sharing what has been happening in my kitchen. For the last several months I have been baking with a purpose. My goal is to ultimately develop several simple gluten free and allergen friendly bread recipes that can be used during Holy Communion.

Please understand that I am not a professional baker (not even close!); however, I hope to eventually collaborate with some that are willing to share their expertise here. What I am is a Lutheran theologian passionate about inclusivity and hospitality. I also happen to be strictly gluten free for health reasons. I may share more of my own story while sharing recipes (and likely a little theology), but the star of this particular blog will be the recipes and related information.

A few words about my recipes:

  • All will be as allergen-friendly as possible. I do not think it is OK to remove one allergen (gluten) and replace it with one or more other common allergens (such as eggs and nuts).
  • All will be as simple as possible
  • All will taste good. I do not believe that consuming GF communion bread should leave a bad taste in your mouth! It is an experiential sacrament after all!

In addition to my personal recipes, I will look for and share what others are doing in order to be inclusive of those with food allergies and sensitivities during Holy Communion. While the focus will be on practical tips and recipes, I will also include personal stories of how meaningful such inclusion can be — if you send them to me!